Quartz/Granite overlay worktops – the perfect choice for refurbishing

When you are updating your kitchen, there is nothing that comes close to the timeless elegance and practical durability of quartz worktop overlays.

Unlike laminate or wooden surfaces, quartz stone worktops are resistant to staining and require no maintenance. They are tough enough to cope with everyday knocks and scratches, so they look great for years and add real value to your home.

Improve your kitchen with ImproveHomes

The saying “the kitchen is the heart of the home” is so often true. It’s the place where we start our day; end our day and share our day.

When it comes to updating the heart of the home, we know your heart sinks with the thought of transplanting everything onto a table in the lounge for a couple of weeks. Washing those dirty dishes and pans in the bath! The mess, the disruption, Ugh!

NOT ANYMORE, ImproveHomes have an alternative.

ImproveHomes  can transform your kitchen quickly, simply and without turmoil in just 3 easy steps;

Step 1

Choose from our fantastic colour range of crafted stone overlays

Step 2

Our expert fitters will visit, measure up and make a template of your existing worktops in one day.

Step 3

Our fitters will return and fit your new bespoke stone worktop overlays in one day.

Your finished improved kitchen will reflect the prestigious, unique quality of crafted stone. Designed specifically to be hard wearing, scratch resistant and hygienic, it is perfect for the modern kitchen environment.